Scientists have invented a battery, can prolong life of the smartphone is eight times

Ученые изобрели аккумулятор, способный продлить жизнь смартфона в восемь раз

Scientists under the leadership of Nobel laureate in chemistry 2015 Robert Grubbs created a new type of battery on the fluoride. In addition to an alternative to expensive natural resources, a new type of battery is able to extend the operation of the devices in eight times. This is great news for those who are charging your phone several times a day.

Ученые изобрели аккумулятор, способный продлить жизнь смартфона в восемь раз

In lithium-ion batteries installed in most devices, positively charged lithium cation Li2+ are used as chemical “piston” to conduct the electrical charge through a circuit. Moreover, this chemical reaction is very dangerous to humans, not counting the ignition and explosion if the battery is damaged.

When fully charged, the cations are located in the anode of the battery and as soon as the circuit is opened, flow into the cathode. When this occurs an electric current that allows the device to work. However, from now on everything will change.

Ученые изобрели аккумулятор, способный продлить жизнь смартфона в восемь раз

Still fluoride is not used in batteries due to the fact that when working it is heated to very high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. Such indicators are very dangerous to humans. Researchers have found a solution to this problem — they found the solvent of the electrolyte, which allows the anions fluoride be mixed with electrons at room temperature.

When the device appears on the market and how much it may cost, the researchers did not specify. Hopefully, smartphone manufacturers will pay attention to this discovery.

Recall that Google has again decided to bury their own project. We are talking about Google Allo, which was to outshine all the messengers, and even Telegram and Viber. However, something went wrong, and the messenger ceased to generate income.

Earlier Znayu reported that the head of the company Xiaomi has confirmed that the market could soon be a fancy smartphone. It is reported that he received a whopping 48 MP camera. However, lenses will be at least three, given the specifications of the camera. In the network there were even photos, but it displays only a smartphone camera and number of pixels.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft began to develop a new version of Windows. Apparently, this is the Lite version of the OSes, so everyone will be able to install it on slower PCs. By the way, it will not just be a truncated version and full-fledged alternative, because it will create from scratch.


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