Scientists have found the birthplace of humanity: incredible footage

Ученые нашли место, где зародилось человечество: невероятные кадры

Recently, scientists have noticed that in this obscure place Chicxulub Puerto, in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, located in the center of the crater, suspiciously smooth edges. Initially, experts thought it was a unique natural phenomenon, but it was much more serious. About it writes BBC.

It is worth noting that the Peninsula is one of the world’s largest craters with a diameter of about 180 km, which appeared about 66 million years ago. Curious, what about the crater there are many hypotheses and assumptions, but this time scientists were able to understand this mystery.

So, in the mid-1980s a group of American archaeologists examined satellite imagery of the Yucatan Peninsula. Then the scientists saw the ring, the edges of which are so smooth that it seems like they were drawn with a compass.

Ученые нашли место, где зародилось человечество: невероятные кадры

According to American scientists, this rock formed due to the fall of a giant asteroid with a diameter of about 12 km approximately 66 million years ago. According to NASA geologists, the crater is the result of this major disaster, which occurred the destruction of the dinosaurs and 75% of all life on Earth.

Now this small town on the Peninsula of Mexico is known for its caves with crystal-clear water. The locals call them the cenote, which means “wells”

Ученые нашли место, где зародилось человечество: невероятные кадры

Recall that during excavations of ancient tombs in China, the researchers were able to find a copy of the Terracotta army in miniature. Scientists believe that the age of this find is 2100.

As reported by the portal Znayu archaeologists in the Egyptian city of Luxor have unearthed a tomb with mummies of the 13th century BC. The tomb contains the mummies of a priest and his wife, decorative sarcophagi, and a thousand of the figurines, color pictures and other valuables.

The portal also Znayu wrote that southern Egypt, archaeologists found the skeleton of a pregnant woman in good condition. The disposal of approximately 3,700 years. The discovery may shed light on the history of fertility and survival in the ancient world. Apparently, the mother and her child died during childbirth.


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