Scientists found the OS that can turn the zombies all alive

Ученые обнаружили ос, способных превратить в зомби все живое

Zoologists from the University of British Columbia opened in Ecuador a new species of wasps in the family of Zatypota. They use spiders for reproduction.

This writes Tjournal with reference to the scientific journal Ecological Entomology.

First, the adult wasp lays eggs on the abdomen of spiders. In this place the larva hatches. She begins to read any power by lymph – the equivalent of blood in insects and chlenistonogikh. That is, in fact wasps are parasitic on Paducah and turn them into “zombies.”

OSA makes “my” spider to make uncharacteristic actions – to leave the colony, to build a cocoon, and then wait patiently for his kill. Under the protection of the cocoon, the larva continues to grow, feeding on a spider.

Less than a week, the larva turns into an adult that is ready to infect a new victim. For this it is enough to find a partner – then the cycle will continue. Among the family of Zatypota previously found OS, which similarly infect spiders-singles.

Scientists say that such wasps “zombie” spiders. They do with certain hormones. The researchers also came to the conclusion that wasps choose spiders because of their reliability. New species of insects is truly unique. But among OS also there are species which are parasitic precisely on Paducah. For example, a tropical wasp Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga from Costa Rica also paralyze spiders and lay their eggs, and then manipulate them to weave a new nest.

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