Scientists explained what sports prolong life

Ученые объяснили, какие виды спорта продлевают жизнь

Sports are beneficial to the human body. So, it was assumed for centuries, but not every sport is really useful. Some of them actually help you become leaner, healthier, better, and others lead to diseases of musculoskeletal system, heart and can even cause premature aging.

A group of researchers have figured out what types of physical activity do bring longevity. In the UK under surveillance, there were about 80 000 elderly volunteers who regularly engaged in sports.

Scientists came to the conclusion that an important fact not only exercise, but also its appearance. That’s why it is so important to chose the correct type of physical activity. The data obtained indicate that cardio and bodyweight exercises really make the body stronger and prolong life.

The most useful sports is recognized as tennis and badminton. Due to the fact that athletes are constantly in motion, they are constantly working heart, lungs and muscles. Sports and games where you use a racket, more than half (i.e. 56%) lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Such figures can not boast of any one sport.

In addition, the researchers appreciated the effects on the human body swimming and aerobics. Who chose a favorite pastime of the pool or simple aerobic exercise, one in 27-28% lower risk of heart attack or stroke. And Cycling fans received a healthier people by 15%.

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Delayed onset muscle soreness, in General, a useful thing. Dull pain and some “stiffness” in the muscles after training the habit says that you did a quick workout and not in vain, and now your muscle tissue “surprised” and adapts to the load, and your blood circulation better. Cool, but what if the soreness interferes with work and lead a normal lifestyle? How to get rid of unpleasant feelings, we have read.

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