Schoolgirl forced politicians to work: I made fun of her, she struggled, and finally… was invited to the UN

Школьница заставила политиков работать: ее высмеивали, с ней боролись, и наконец... пригласили в ООН

15-the summer schoolgirl from Sweden Greta, Tanberg shocked the December UN conference on climate change.

In his speech, the girl chided politicians that world leaders are behaving irresponsibly, “like children”, so their mistakes should correct the younger generation.

Школьница заставила политиков работать: ее высмеивали, с ней боролись, и наконец... пригласили в ООН

Young Greta

Her protest began with the fact that Greta chose not to attend school. According to her, her legs will not be in class as long as the government does not cease to emit harmful substances.
“The strike of students” decided to repeat like-minded Greta 270 cities in different countries: in Australia, the UK, Belgium, USA and Japan.

“You don’t have to organize a school strike, it’s your choice. But whether to learn for a future that may never come? It’s more important lessons, I think,” — says the young activist.

As Greta says to the Guardian, she loves school, so satisfied boycott on Friday. Instead of school she is on strike around the Swedish Parliament with a poster that encourages authorities to think about.

But Greta’s father her opinions not shared. Says that the protest is necessary only during the holidays.

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