Scabies, scurvy, cholera: why these diseases are back

Gale, scorbut, choléra: pourquoi ces maladies sont de retour

These diseases evoke the Middle ages or the Third world countries. Some worry, however, their return in the developed countries, such as France. In a few weeks, the scurvy, scabies and cholera were re-speak them in areas where you can -legitimately or not – to believe them missing.

The most unexpected of these diseases is scurvy, as it corresponds to a deficiency of vitamin C, the regular consumption of foods containing (fruits in particular) is enough to prevent and heal. It is, therefore, mostly found in the people totally dependent on food aid as in the refugee camps. But in the United States, several cases have been reported among persons in situation of precariousness which feed mainly on canned food or prepared dishes. This allows you to satisfy his hunger, but very few of these foods contain vitamin C.

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The gale, which bears the image of a disease of the middle ages, there has never really disappeared in France, even if the foci of infection are very localized. Most often benign, it is due to a mite, Sarcoptes scabei hominis, in which the reservoir is exclusively the sick man. “Its high infectiousness and delays in diagnosis and care, can result in many difficulties for patients, their families and the community concerned”, explains public Health France.

Regarding the illness, an increase in the number of cases reported has been noted. But the health authorities are cautious about the interpretation of these figures. These are based in part on sales of the treatment, the reporting by the physician is not mandatory. But the authorities point to the need for increased vigilance, particularly in the health care facility, or promiscuity is conducive to the development of the disease.

Cholera is present in several developing countries, including those affected by war or natural disasters. It can lead to dehydration fatal in a few hours without treatment and is due to ingestion of water or food contaminated by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, in particular through human feces.

Because the disease is dangerous but easy to deal with, a country like France, therefore, should not be worried. But because of the onset of the epidemic in Algeria, the French ministry of foreign Affairs recalled at the end of August the sanitary rules and caution with French tourists.

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