Samsung is preparing to release two new smartphones

Samsung готовит к выходу два новых смартфона

About 10 years ago, Samsung was already the ruler of the Galaxy M, but then they quickly closed, so as not to interfere with the sales of another of their products. Besides, this created a lot of confusion and users could not understand all the lines smartphones. However, at the end of 2018, it’s time to get back to basics. The first mobile devices of the new lineup will be the Galaxy Galaxy M10 and M20, which will receive average of technical equipment and affordable price tags.

Among other things, they’ll be protected from moisture, as well as NFC chip for contactless payment.

Samsung готовит к выходу два новых смартфона

It is known that the Galaxy M10 is equipped with a processor Exynos 7870, 3 GB of RAM and 16/32 GB of memory, whereas the Galaxy M20 can meet Exynos chip 7885, OP 3 GB and 32/64 GB of OP. Although the official presentation will take place in December 2018, the devices will appear in stores in early 2019.

About the price tag too early to say, but the approximate cost will be from 300 to 500 dollars, because the smartphone is positioned as the middle segment.

Samsung готовит к выходу два новых смартфона

Recall that Apple has forced major social network Tumblr to remove adult material. It is reported that such material violates the policy of the Apple store in connection with which the company removed the app from the App Store. Popular the service had to improve methods of validation of downloadable content in the future not to happen again.

Earlier Znayu reported that scammers have learned a new trick, which seamlessly be charged with a credit card. Scammers have created iPhone apps that require the user to put a finger to the screen to measure heart rate. However, at this time because the fingerprint is a transaction in the amount of $ 100, which is deducted from the account of the smartphone owner.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi Mi 9 will soon appear on the shelves, and insiders have already called the cost of new items. Among other things, the device will receive 6 GB of RAM and top-end chipset, which will help to match the performance even with the iPhone XS Max.


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