Samsung introduced the world’s first 5G smartphone: photo

Samsung представила первый в мире 5G-смартфон: фото

Current events on Snapdragon Tech Summit the American company Qualcomm has paid great attention to the development of cellular network of the fifth generation. In turn, the partner of Qualcomm in the development of 5G-Samsung company demonstrated a smartphone with support for 5G, however, the smartphone Korean Corporation has attracted a lot of attention to appearance.

Samsung представила первый в мире 5G-смартфон: фото

In addition to supporting the 5G, he received an unusual feature-a cutout of the screen is in the upper right corner, and the front facing camera. Such technologies not yet on the market, and smartphones with the slots in the screens found in the center of the upper side. The top edge is quite broad and it is unclear why it took the neckline. The device has dimensions of approximately 9 Galaxy Note, so it can be considered huge.

It should be noted that Samsung announced that it plans a commercial launch of the device. It is likely that this smartphone is just an engineering sample to demonstrate the operation of the network of the fifth generation. Or a concept of the future smartphone.

Samsung представила первый в мире 5G-смартфон: фото

Note that Qualcomm announced at the summit of the flagship Snapdragon processor 855, which was the first commercial mobile platform that supports 5G.

Recall that the Korean company Samsung has again disgraced before the public. This time, she was caught in a blatant lie to users. It is reported that Samsung has launched an advertising campaign for the new smartphone. In the is flashed quality picture allegedly taken with the new smartphone. Actually, the photo was taken with a professional camera, and even found the photographer.

Earlier Znayu reported that soon the market the smartphone can break a new smartphone from Xiaomi, it is Noted that it will be a Mix Xiaomi Mi 3s, which will receive the technology slider. Among other things, the device will receive as much as 12 GB of RAM, and a triple main camera, and dual front.

Znayu wrote that the Korean company Samsung is preparing to release as much as 2 new smartphones. However, these models are only middle class, so nothing interesting of itself is almost not present.


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