Samsung Galaxy M: the network showed the characteristics of the public sector

Samsung Galaxy M: в сети показали характеристики бюджетника

Geekbench has information about the new smartphone Samsung under the serial number SM-M105F of a new series of Galaxy devices M. Specifications reveal that the smartphone will be the entry-level device. There is no doubt that this will be the first model of the series, which was created from two existing ones. Samsung continues to confuse users with new devices for which information appears in the network every week.

Samsung Galaxy M: в сети показали характеристики бюджетника

As for features, Samsung Galaxy M10 will receive an 8-core processor Exynos 7870 with a clock speed of 1.59 GHz. In single-core and multi-core tests, the smartphone scored 724 points and 3637, respectively. Yes, it is not top-end features, but the price will not be too exorbitant. In addition, SM-M105F running Android Oreo 8.1 and get 3 GB of RAM. According to recent information, this model offers 16 GB and 32 GB of flash memory to choose from and can be replaced by a Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7, which is not so popular because of the offerings of the competitors.

Samsung Galaxy M: в сети показали характеристики бюджетника

It is expected that Dual-SIM feature will be available for all models M. Also SM-M105F will come in blue and dark grey. This smartphone, apparently, is the budget version of the series, which also includes another two models – SM-M205F SM-M305F.

It is believed that the Galaxy M series will replace the smartphone Samsung Galaxy J, Galaxy On and Galaxy C in the near future. Let’s hope for the imminent appearance of new items, because the price is still unknown. Maybe it’s a new Xiaomi and Meizu that have occupied the market of budget smartphones.

Recall that Samsung has been for many years working to improve the native shell Android for their smartphones. And this time overdone. The camera function now remembers the last settings, and to switch to photo or video mode, you press a few buttons, which complicates the whole process in principle.

Earlier Znayu reported that before the release of game consoles from Sony has a lot of time, prototype Sony PlayStation 5 into the hands of journalists. In addition to the updated appearance, the new device has received and improved the stuffing. Now, even the most demanding games can run at maximum quality settings. By the way, the device will cost only $ 500.

Znayu wrote that Google Maps now has received several improvements. It is worth noting the presence of feedback, which always help with the choice of institutions in order to brighten up a weekend afternoon. Now reviews can be found at the hashtag that you are interested in.


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