Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret : loss of control, two injured

Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret : perte de contrôle, deux blessés

In two days, this is the second accident with injuries in Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret.

Shortly after 16 p.m. Saturday, a vehicle only because it has finished its race to the ditch, near the intersection between the road to Alès and Saint-André d Olérargues.

The fire department of Bagnols-Tresques were called at around 16: 15 this Saturday. A car travelling on the town of Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret, near the intersection between the RD (route d’alès) and the road of Saint-André of Olérargues. For an unknown reason, the driver lost control and ended up on the roof and in the ditch.

The two occupants, a man aged 82 and a woman of 77 years old, have been got out of the vehicle, with the help of a firefighter who was passing by. They are injured but their vital prognosis is not engaged. They were taken to hospital in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

The gendarmes were also on the scene of the accident.


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