Russian Kardashian 24: as noted birthday sexy doll

Русской Кардашьян 24: как отметила день рождения сексуальная кукла

Popular Russian model Anastasiya Kvitko, also known as the Russian Kim Kardashian never ceases to tease the male half of the followers on his page in Instagram. Recently, celebrity boasted, as he celebrated his 24th birthday. So, the girl celebrated with friends in one of elite night clubs in Miami, posing in very short dress in front of a huge cake in full growth.

“Thank you for the congratulations and support of my family, friends and fans. Love you all!”, – succinctly shared his emotions Kvitko. 15 hours a series of frames gathered 175 thousand likes. Followers were delighted and began to praise the shape of the girl, however, there were those who said that it is her and not a dress at all, but a tunic.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anastasiya Kvitko posed for another photo shoot in Burgundy revealing swimsuit.

Also celebrity, barely covering her massive charms, showed a new gray suit.


But still she showed the really juicy footage of a candid photo session, where he posed in a very revealing bodysuit, the futuristic glasses and silver boots.


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