Rushed 2-year-old kid: refugees staged a bloody “game” on the border

Бросались 2-летним малышом: беженцы устроили кровавые "игры" на границе

Surveillance cameras on the border of USA and Mexico recorded as a suspected smuggler throws small children c boundary wall in Yuma (AZ).

Confirming the entry appeared in the Monday, S December, on the Twitter page of customs and border protection (CBP). As reported by the border patrol, male, located on the Mexican side, throwing children (2, 7 and 10 years) c fence height more than 5 m on US territory, where they caught another person.

According to CBP, in the fall, co wall injured 2-year-old child. He helped the border patrol agents arrived on the scene. They took the whole family of the child into custody.

According to Macelignan detained seven from Guatemala — will give the Immigration and customs service (ICE).

Бросались 2-летним малышом: беженцы устроили кровавые "игры" на границе

“There’s difficult and still potentially volatile situation in Tijuana, said MacLennan. — We have over 7 thousand workers. They were brought to the border a well-organized criminal group, which assured people that they will be able to easily cross into the U.S. to submit applications o the asylum. Ho is not so.”

Бросались 2-летним малышом: беженцы устроили кровавые "игры" на границе

This attempt to cross the U.S. border and Mexico, the influx of the “caravan” of migrants. Thousands of residents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in recent months tried to get into the States hoping for asylum. Most of them are fleeing their countries because of the press of topnote, sexual violence and lack of protection co the government.

Бросались 2-летним малышом: беженцы устроили кровавые "игры" на границе

Earlier we wrote that the district court judge in San Francisco, the United States adopted a temporary injunction, which is directed against the policies of President of the United States Donald trump. The issue of granting asylum to illegal migrants.

The judge’s decision Tigara blocked orders trump that he wanted to limit the granting of asylum to people who illegally crossed the U.S. border.

Recall that in Europe ripe emigrant Wen, looking for surgeons.

Also Know As. ua wrote that trump in an instant turned it off millions of the destitute.

As reported Znaia in Germany figured out how to get rid of visitors.


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