Rugby : Romeo Ballu, sharing in the inheritance of the ASBH

Rugby : Roméo Ballu, le partage en héritage de l'ASBH

Rugby : Roméo Ballu, le partage en héritage de l'ASBH

The winger arrived at Beziers last season.

Original tahitian, the fast winger of the ASBH, is the trip to Aix-en-Provence this Friday (20: 30). An unusual person.

On the afternoon of November, it’s not really hot in the city. Romeo Ballu, the three-quarters wing of the ASBH, door when even a short. And, of course, flip flops ! Even in his dress, the young man of 22 years cannot hide its origins tahitian. Not to mention the tattoo that we can guess on his left arm and pushes up on his hand.

The team

BÉZIERS : Porical – Lapeyre, Puletua, Nawaqatabu, Ballu – Suchier, Pic – Hoarau, Grenod, Barrère (cap) – Maamry, Tuineau – Samaran, Marco Pena, Wardi. Replacements : Manukula, Fernandes, Best, Meafua, Trussardi, Katz, Rawaca, Kouider.

Released at the turn of the conversation, a few names came to Tahiti in the end of the confirm : he rolls the “r” as do the Polynesians. And yet the wingman of the ASBH has almost not known to the French Polynesia… He stayed there very shortly after his birth. It was his father, a former legionnaire, who is Tahitian. “He is a native of the commune of Pirae” smiled Romeo, with pride. Her mother was born in Gabon. Him,… Corsica on family vacations.

Toulon, “a factory”

And now resurfaces suddenly the image of her paternal grandmother. “When I was 6 years old, we moved to Marseille, explains Romeo Ballu, his eyes bright with the memory of his ancestor. This is my grand-mother who gave me everything of my culture, the religion, the sharing. Tahiti, this is it.” Refractory to rugby when he was a child, he tries finally to the XIII and grip.

The XV, which he discovers in the colours of Marseille-Vitrolles, at the age of 15 years, brings the convince : it will be linebacker. It embraces both the professionalism in Toulon, “a factory where they can hardly access to the first team”, and then joined Béziers, in the last year.

Often holder since the start of the championship, Romeo Ballu asserts itself more and more within the ASBH. His speed (he was timed at 35 km/h during his last tenure !) particular havoc. But he keeps his feet on the ground.

And continuing its efforts, making sure to keep a good hygiene of life, which has not always been the case : “This is going much better, he says. Before, I ate, no matter how ! Nicolas Szezur and Alexis Mudarra, the fitness coaches, I have supported from the beginning of the season. They explained to me how to feed me. I feel a lot better.”

As for me, as my friends are happy, I am happy. My family is well, I’m fine

Very believer, as are a large majority of islanders, Romeo Ballu grants, with pride, pray often, believing that the whole of his adventure, he “must the lord”. In Aix-en-Provence this Friday evening, he enjoyed the moment with intensity.

Without taking the head. With the simple happiness to wear the shirt of Béziers : “We earn our place at the training. There is a healthy competition in the team. We all very well. As for me, as my friends are happy, I am happy. My family is well, I’m fine. I’m pretty cool, I don’t take me the head.”

An attitude to the image of a young man who has made his own the idea to share and to live in communion with his peers. And this, regardless of their origins or their beliefs. A message of tolerance retained certainly education tahitian of his grand-mother.

# 20 h 30, at the stadium Maurice-David Aix-en-Provence.


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