Rugby : according to the autopsy, the death of the young Louis Fajfrowski is of accidental origin

Rugby : d'après l'autopsie, la mort du jeune Louis Fajfrowski est d'origine accidentelle

Rugby : d'après l'autopsie, la mort du jeune Louis Fajfrowski est d'origine accidentelle

Louis Fajfrowski died at the age of 21 years.

According to the results of the autopsy carried out on the young player of Aurillac passed through Montpellier and Beziers, passed away after a match against Rodez.

Louis Fajfrowski died following a thoracic trauma. It is revealed by the results of the autopsy performed after the death of the young man, a few hours after a friendly game of rugby played against Rodez. This trauma has been “responsible for a concussion heart with acceleration of the pace which resulted in her death,” according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Aurillac quoted by the daily The Mountain.

The investigation could not “demonstrate that there was any fault attributable to anyone. It is an unfortunate accident,” added the prosecutor.”These are several factors that have led to the death,” said Thursday, AFP, the prosecutor of Aurillac, Olivier Clémençon, confirming information of the daily regional Mountain.
According to him, the player’s 21-year-old has suffered “a blunt chest trauma précordial, in charge of a concussion cardiac lethal on a heart pathological”.
The public prosecutor has concluded, therefore, “an accidental death and not because of a tackle” suffered by the player at mid-height, said the prosecutor, insisting on the fact that there was no fault attributable to anyone.
Louis Fajfrowski, 21 years of age, was a native of Fabrègues. He had made his classes in rugby in the Hérault department, including Beziers and Montpellier HR. The young centre was then moved to Aurillac. On 10 August he played a friendly match against Rodez. After having been the victim of a tackle. Stunned, he had been able to stand up with the help of the keepers, before making their own way to the dressing rooms, accompanied by a doctor.In the dressing room, he had lost consciousness and could not be revived.


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