Royal Christmas: the castle was set a Christmas tree for Elizabeth II

Королевское Рождество: в замке установили елку для Елизаветы II

Many Ukrainians have not even got a tree, but the British Royal family has already started preparing for Christmas. The Queen’s residence are filled with Christmas decorations, and in the Windsor castle mounted luxury Christmas tree.

It is reported portal OnlineUA.

The Royal Christmas tree this year is really gorgeous: reaches a height of 6 meters (about 20 feet). She decorated the hall of the chapel of St. George.

Королевское Рождество: в замке установили елку для Елизаветы II

The main new year attribute, adorned with garlands, festive balls, and tiny crowns. To meet all of the requirements of the Royal staff even had to use the stairs.

Here, at Windsor castle, Christmas brings together all members of the Royal family. Of course, this year, will be among them Meghan Markle.

Especially for dining room already decorated with antique Cutlery from silver-gilt. In festive decorations this year is dominated by the Royal Golden color.

After the official part and traditional exchange of gifts members of the Royal family will go to their residences. They will celebrate Christmas separately, each with his family.

Royal celebrations Queen Elizabeth II is traditionally held in the estate Sandrigham together with her husband Philip and other close family members. But the whole month of December it will hold at Windsor castle.

Earlier, Queen Elizabeth II hit a pregnant Megan Markle. Elizabeth II has decided to please the wife of his grandson Prince Harry and was surprised by all the unusual act.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”, come the next Royal wedding: Princess Beatrice made her grandmother a surprise. Discussing torrid affair Princess Beatrice.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that eccentric habit of Prince Harry turned the life of Meghan Markle in a living hell. Harry admits that this is not normal, however, nothing can be done about it.


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