Route du Rhum : a skipper Kito de Pavant accompanied by a hundred of dolphins

Route du Rhum : Kito de Pavant accompagné par une centaine de dauphins

The breakfast with the dolphins.

The skipper from Port Camargue is still 4th in the Class40. Last night, he was racing well with.

Francis Joyon at the helm of his trimaran class Ultimate Idec Sport, resumed in the night of Friday to Saturday, 30 miles to the leader, François Gabart (Macif) who were still 114 miles at 7: 45 am.

At the last tally, Gabart was travelling to 29.6 knots on average on the last three hours, from 30.5 to Joyon and was 873,8 miles from the finish in Pointe-à-Pitre.

In the very distinguished class of Imoca, the monohulls of 18 m in the Vendée Globe, the fleet is led by Briton Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), but behind, the Frenchman Paul Meilhat (SMA) has taken advantage of the night to snatch the 2nd place at the German Boris Hermann (Malizia II – Yacht Club de Monaco) a time in the head Friday morning.

Meilhat is 53 miles from Thomson -himself 2.190 miles from the finish, while Hermann has 55 miles behind the leader of the category.

I have been looking at a majestic ballet. They leapt above the waves, and it was a nice show…

On the side of the Class40, Yohann Richomme always leads the dance. Kito de Pavant (Made in Midi) is still in fourth place in this category, at good distances from the leader (106 miles).

In its vacation everyday in the morning, the skipper from Port Camargue spirits and evokes a special meeting in the middle of the night.

Here is the message received Saturday morning of Kito de Pavant, 4th in Class40 on Made in Midi : “Bonjour à tou(te)s, the night is black, the sky is overcast. It is not raining but not the least star to guide me. Yesterday evening, I was treated to a majestic ballet of a school of dolphins. They were very many, maybe a hundred, probably more, by the way. They leapt above the waves, and it was a nice show, free of course, no matter what, we can discuss that… but when even the access to the bleachers was not an easy one.”

“This is not very fast for the time,” he adds. It is the same thing for “the 7 mercenaries” in the lead of the Class40. Strongly the large slides in spi ! But this will not be the program for today… It will rather be tinkering with the site of the hydrogénérateur ripped that it is imperative that I repair before being out of energy…”


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