Ring of Pontius Pilate found in Israel: sensational photos

Перстень Понтия Пилата нашли в Израиле: сенсационные фото

Archaeologists believe that allegedly found a ring of Pontius Pilate, which was discovered during excavations in Jerusalem 50 years ago. This writes the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Note, this is the third artifact with the name of Pontius Pilate, found in Israel.

Перстень Понтия Пилата нашли в Израиле: сенсационные фото

So we know that the ring in 1968-1969 found a group of archaeologists, led by Professor Gideon Foerster of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After the find was transferred to another group of archaeologists, which is only now after cleansing artifact saw the inscription Pilatus that surrounds the image of a chalice with wine.

Professor Danny Schwartz noted that the name Pilate was not in Vogue in Judea in those days, because you can almost with certainty say that the ring belonged to an influential Roman prefect Pilate.

Перстень Понтия Пилата нашли в Израиле: сенсационные фото

“The name Pilate was rare for the time. I don’t know any other Pilate from that era. The ring indicates that its owner was a man of high standing,” said Professor Danny Schwartz.

Archaeologists also suggest that the decoration was used in “everyday“ life, as it has a simple design. However, scientists are considering the option of belonging of the artifact to one of the subordinates of the Governor of Judea, who endorsed his name on the documents.

The fifth Procurator of Judea belonged to the equestrian class, but the rings were a distinctive sign of belonging to vladychestva. The Roman historian Lucius annaeus Florus, to describe the scale of the defeat suffered by the Romans at cannae in 216 BC, notes that Hannibal sent to Carthage the two media rings. Modi – Roman measure of volume, amounting to little less than nine liters.

However, traditional ornaments made of gold. Therefore, scientists believe, Procurator used a bronze ring in everyday work – in print quality, if not it was in use official, who had the right to seal the documents on behalf of the Procurator.

We will remind, during the excavation of the Archbishop’s castle, Soborg on the island we have in the South of Sweden, archaeologists found the Venetian gold Ducat of the fourteenth century. The coin was minted during the reign of Doge Andrea Dandolo (1343-1354), that he rebuilt the Cathedral of St. Mark.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the place where Jesus Christ turned water into wine, found during excavations in the Lower Galilee, where the Rhine is a quarry that has long interested professionals. The group of experts found a special stone for the vessels into which poured water and wine, and thousands of the vessels.

Also “Znayu” I wrote, an international group of scientists made a sensational discovery that could unlock the mysteries of biblical legend. The researchers argue that Turkey on top of the mountain Ararat has preserved the wreckage of Noah’s ark.


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