Right to end 2018: a well-known psychic told what to do every

Правильно закончить 2018 год: известный экстрасенс рассказала, что нужно сделать каждому

Before the New year 2019 need to get rid of what is an anchor in life. To distribute the maximum amount of debt and to get rid of all the loans.

Such recommendations gives psychic and clairvoyant Yaroslav Fedorov.

She is convinced that it is impossible to forget about those things you borrowed from someone for a while. After all, the assertion that in the New year can not go with debt – true.

Правильно закончить 2018 год: известный экстрасенс рассказала, что нужно сделать каждому

It is very important to the update period of the year to get rid of junk and old, useless things in the house. That is, we can sort through clothes and throw away without regret that which you is not going to wear. To finally rid of deposits of old Newspapers and other things.

Special attention should be paid to the emotional sphere and to resolve all conflicts and disagreements with others. To ask forgiveness from those with whom you fought during the last year. Sometimes you can do this in writing or even mentally.

And to let go of all grudges and do not keep them in your heart. You will soon become easier to live.

“The energy of resentment, and resentment of people who were counting on the commitment and integrity of those to whom they did good service can bring a lot of trouble,” – said the expert.

It is important during this period not only to let go of bad and remember all the good that happened during the year.

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