Research Section season 13 : a final return for Manon Azem ? The actress responds

Section de recherches saison 13 : un retour définitif pour Manon Azem ? L'actrice répond

Research Section season 13 : a final return for Manon Azem ? The actress responds

After his departure unexpected research Section, Manon Azem, has created the surprise by coming back in the last episode of season 12, but his return is it final ? Her character Sara Casanova will be there present all throughout season 13, alongside Martin Bernier (Xavier Deluc) and Lucas (Franck Semonin) ? The actress responds in an interview.

In February 2017, Manon Azem, announced its departure from the research Section “to move around in [s]one job of an actress” : “I wanted to interpret other characters. I couldn’t stay Sara Cazanova my whole life and I’ve decided to pass the cape“, she confided to Tv Star. But without anyone there to wait, the actress has made a major comeback in the series to TF1 in the very last episode of season 12, during which Lucas (Franck Semonin) discovered the abduction of Sara Cazanova, the character of Manon Azem.

“I can’t do research Section of my entire life”

A surprise that of course is a delight for fans of Section of research. For his part, Franck Semonin has admitted that this come-back is a very good idea because it leaves a real suspense on the season to 13, to discover in the spring of 2019 : “This raises many questions for the future. What will happen between him (the character editor’s note) and Bernier ? Between him and Auriol ? It is a call to follow the next season“, confessed the actor to the magazine Télé Loisirs.

But the real question is, Manon Azem, will she be present during the 12 episodes of the next season ? The answer might disappoint more than a : “I just got back from New Caledonia where it was filmed two episodes of the season, 13 of Section of research. This will be the last two. I can’t do research Section of my entire life. I want to do other roles“, she confides to Tv Leisure before explaining the main reason for his return : “I wanted to go back to close the loop.” Sara Cazanova will be up to that in the first two episodes, a shame.

The new project of Manon Azem

Manon Azem, moreover, has not lost time to start new projects : she has turned into the new mini-series M6, Trapped, with Elodie Fontan, Jean-Hugues Anglade and Vincent Rottiers and will play soon in the new adaptation of Ten Little Niggers (M6 prepares a series of six episodes) Agatha Christie. “I’ll play a character that has nothing to do with what I usually do. This will be the comedy, I will be a kind of cagole suburban hyper-sexual, “says the actress view in Tamara 2.


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