Read carefully the content: how cosmetics can harm children

Внимательно читай состав: как косметика может навредить детям

Chemicals contained in perfumes and lotions for the body, accelerate puberty girls.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of California after studying the effects of certain substances on children in the womb of matter and in later life, reports the Daily Mail.

Внимательно читай состав: как косметика может навредить детям

To do this, American scientists have established surveillance of nearly 200 girls from their birth until the onset of puberty. Doctors suggested that some of the components included in the composition of cosmetic products bring the onset of puberty.

In particular, we are talking about diethyl (perfumery and cosmetics) and methylparaben (cream and lotion). It is believed that chemicals affect estrogen levels in the body girls.

The study also showed that puberty began early in girls if their mothers were exposed to triclosan, which is found in some antibacterial sanitizer and toothpaste.

Внимательно читай состав: как косметика может навредить детям

The study’s lead author, Kim Harley (Kim Harley) from the University of California at Berkeley argues that chemicals in personal care products interfere with the natural hormones in our bodies.

The level of chemical substances measured in the urine of the mother between 14 and 27 weeks of gestation. As stated by scientists, in girls, whose mothers regularly used products with the above chemicals, menstruation began at four months ahead of schedule.

“Earlier puberty in girls increases the risk of mental health problems and risky behavior in adolescence, as well as cancer of the breast and ovaries in the long term,” — said the expert.

Внимательно читай состав: как косметика может навредить детям

Recall, excessive moisturizing creams can harm the skin in the winter.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” that 95 % of cosmetic products contain at least one ingredient that is causing the Allergy.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that altruism along with a healthy diet and sport prolongs life, says a research group from the University of British Columbia.


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