Rayane Bensetti proud of his “accomplice” Denitsa Ikonomova : his message of “love” for his victory

Rayane Bensetti fier de sa "complice" Denitsa Ikonomova : son message de "love" pour sa victoire

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Dancing with the stars 9 : Rayane Bensetti congratulate Denitsa Ikonomova for his 4th victory in the show.

Last Saturday, Clement Rémiens and Denitsa Ikonomova who won Dancing with the stars 9 on TF1. It is the fourth victory of the dancer in the program. His “accomplice” Rayane Bensetti held to congratulate her by sending a sweet message on the social networks.

“So proud of you”

Rayane Bensetti, Loïc Nottet, Laurent Maistret and now Clement Rémiens. Denitsa Ikonomova raised the cup of DALS for the fourth time. A victory that took place during the finale of Dancing with the stars 9 Saturday 1st December 2018 on TF1, which was played against Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette. The first time she had won the show, it was alongside his “accomplice”. Very happy for his friend, the actor Tamara was obliged to write him a soft word on Twitter.

“You had not included ? Each season will be @DenitsaOff will be followed by a victory” has thus began by declaring Rayane Bensetti, adding : “Bravo my accomplice !! So proud of you ! Your first victory was with me and look at me ! Today you have won 4 times bravooo !!!!! Looove”. A beautiful statement that occurs just a few weeks after that the comedian had made to celebrate the 4 years of their encounter in Dancing with the stars.

“We shall return to tread this floor it is promised”

Rayane Bensetti had assured its numerous subscribers that he and Denitsa Ikonomova were again dancing together in the program now co-hosted by Camille Combal et Karine Ferri. “A day with @DenitsaOff we shall return to tread this floor it is promised,” he said, the dancer and him replying that she was “looking forward” to this idea.

And on Instagram, the one that will soon be the poster for Let’s Dance directed by Ladislas Chollat had also sent a beautiful message to Denitsa Ikonomova : “time goes by so fast”, “Dancing with the stars has changed my life and it has put us on the same path. (…) It’s been 4 years that we borrow the same destination”, “4 years of complicity, which I think is not ready to stop”. He had also clarified that “this is not a formalization” of their supposed couple, and that they would be just friends.


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