Pyrénées-Orientales : investigation around the death of a smuggler died of the cold

Pyrénées-Orientales : enquête autour du décès d’un contrebandier mort de froid

The small knot of tobacco recovered by the PGHM.

The young Algerian escorted walk to and from Andorra contraband cigarettes.

The drama is unique in the Pyrénées-Orientales where the smuggling of tobacco are legion, but none had yet died of the cold. Until the 28th of October last. That night, a young man collapses in the middle of the mountains, on the path of smugglers, between the Pyrenees-Orientales and Ariège.

It comes from the Pas de la Casa, carrying on his back a load of twenty pounds of tobacco. The small knot of hundred cartridges will be found the next day by the gendarmes of the PGHM of Osséja, in the vicinity of the place where the conveyor agony was rescued.

A victim of the storm in la Cerdanya, he suffered a hypothermia irreversible. Evacuated by helicopter on the hospital andorran of Meritxell, the unfortunate has died without having regained consciousness.

Identified Tuesday

The survey, doubly undertaken by Andorra and France, announces from the outset difficult. The smuggler had no paper on him and his alleged accomplices have obviously disappeared after having given the alert. Identification occurs on Tuesday 6 November.

Worried not to have news of their son, his parents show up. Then come to Algeria to recognize the body. Their son was 20 years old and, according to them, he lived in the south of France. A dual investigation of the franco andorran “It is not known where he was domiciled, it is hoped that he wasn’t HOMELESS”, asked Thursday 9, Jean-Jacques Fagni, prosecutor of the Republic of the Pyrenees-Orientales.

A sector mortal

Faced with a procedure of international legal assistance between Andorra and France, he made the express request, opening a joint court information for both “manslaughter by endangering the lives of others, or wilful default of an obligation of safety and prudence”, and “importation of tobacco in contraband”.

The investigations have been entrusted to the services of the company of gendarmerie of Prades. Teams waiting to recover formally the results of the research andorran to start their own.

While the principality is, in fact, responsible for determining the causes of the death of the young Algerian, including the autopsy has already been performed, the court information educated to Perpignan should help to lift the veil on the industry is deadly.

One of such trafficking, with destination markets of parallel tobacco in Perpignan or Toulouse, the prosecutor Jean-Jacques Fagni hope, and beheaded.



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