Putin took revenge on Israel for the downed Il-20: the propagandists have already brag about the result

Путин отомстил Израилю за сбитый Ил-20: пропагандисты уже хвастаются результатом

Syria’s air defense

Managed by trained Syrians air defense system s-300 shot down a military plane for Israel and four missiles in the sky over the village of al-Kisvi.

This is reported by Russian media, citing information sources in the security agencies of the SAR.

As reported by the publication of the aggressor, Israel was warned about the presence of Assad’s army this system and on the order to hit the target in the case of entry into the working area of the Syrian air defense forces.

Regarding the pilot of the downed Israeli aircraft, his fate is still unknown.

In addition, the Israeli military shot down aircraft of the Syrian air defense system was struck by four missiles.

“Our air defenses shot down an Israeli aircraft and four missiles before they reached the targets. Destroyed all the missiles aimed at targets in the al-Kisvi. Our defense is able to accurately reflect all enemy targets”, – quote the Russian media bragging Syrians.

In the beginning of the month it became known that Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-300, which was transferred to Syria, given in combat readiness.

Moscow sent to Syria its s-300 after was shot down over Syria a Russian military plane Il-20 in September of this year. Russia blames Israel.

We will remind, on September 17, the armed forces of Bashar al-Assad shot down a Russian military aircraft Il-20.

The plane was shot down by a rocket launched by Assad’s forces during the attack, the Israeli air force on targets in the coastal province of Latakia. In an attempt to hit the Israeli missile, the Syrians friendly to the Russian plane.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Israel laid the blame for the destruction of the Russian plane Il-20 on Syria and operating in its territory of Iranian military and fighters of the Shiite movement “Hezbollah”.

Also Know As.ia wrote the network has published a video in which you can see on the Syrian coast missile shoots down a Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 military on Board.


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