Putin, calm down: Ukrainians raised to boycott another country

Путин, угомонись: украинцы подняли на бойкот еще одну страну

Ukrainians who live in London organized a protest against the Russian aggression. The protesters took to the streets with the Ukrainian flags and posters calling for decisive action.

Everyone who supports Ukraine will be within 30 days to take to the streets calling for an end to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation, UKRINFORM writes.

Путин, угомонись: украинцы подняли на бойкот еще одну страну

Protesters gather in Central London near the office of the Prime Minister, who is in Downing street. The campaign lasts for three days. The organizers represent London Euromaidan and the London branch of the Association of Ukrainians in great Britain. They demand the release of all illegally detained in Russia and the strengthening of sanctions against the aggressor country.

Day 3…
Putin is aggressor!

London Euromaidan Geplaatst door op Vrijdag 30 november 2018

“Join our 30-day protest in support of tough sanctions against Putin and his allies. We stop in front of Downing street every day, from 18.00 to 21.00. Do not be indifferent! Ukraine is under the threat of full-scale military invasion. We must act!”,, – wrote the organizers on the page of London Euromaidan in Facebook.

Путин, угомонись: украинцы подняли на бойкот еще одну страну

The main goal of the protest is to draw attention of the international community to take aggressive actions of Russia against Ukraine, particularly after the recent attacks on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Bay. Then, four edge ships of the Russian Federation met two Ukrainian Azov sea, one of them rammed a Ukrainian. At least 6 military wounded, 20 captured.

The Kremlin media say that this situation is a provocation by the Ukrainian authorities. To do this it uses not only the country’s own resources, but also actively distributes this information abroad using the social network Twitter.

Recall that combat the NATO fleet entered the Black sea and is moving to Ukraine: what’s going on.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Putin is preparing a new blow for Ukraine. The Kremlin is “burning” because of the sea of Azov.


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