Put away from kids: how to kill batteries

Немедленно спрячьте от детей: как батарейки убивают

Parents need to keep miniature items food away from their children, since they can result in serious injury or even death.

Small round batteries often found in toys and remote controls, can cause chemical burns in contact with the nose or mouth, reports the Daily Mail.

Немедленно спрячьте от детей: как батарейки убивают

New fears arose after medical researchers have studied the case of a child who died from swallowing a battery.

The investigation Department on issues of occupational safety (Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, HSIB) warned parents that they should be aware of the hazards associated with batteries and store properly and dispose of them.

Although the investigation into the death of a child continues, the investigators have no doubt that the problem in the battery.

Experts warned that, in contact with a damp surface such as the inside of the mouth or throat, nose or ear, batteries are a particular danger.

Немедленно спрячьте от детей: как батарейки убивают

If the battery is swallowed or inserted in the nostrils, this will lead to internal burns for hours and lead to problems with swallowing and breathing.

Fatal injuries can occur even if the batteries run out too late.

If your child swallowed a battery, immediately take him to the hospital so the doctors examined him and provided appropriate assistance.

Younger children especially are at increased risk because during their games can swallow items.

Battery with a length of two centimeters or more can be even more dangerous, as it can get stuck in the child’s throat and cause asphyxia.

Немедленно спрячьте от детей: как батарейки убивают

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