Published to have proof of spying on Facebook users

Опубликованы бесспорные доказательства шпионажа за пользователями Facebook

In March of this year, many owners of Android smartphones were shocked to learn that the Facebook app collects information about calls and SMS-messages to the user and sells it to third parties. Now the largest social network has no chance of acquittal – Parliament UK published evidence – internal correspondence employees Facebook Inc., according to the developers purposefully collected user data. The news shocked and angered the whole world. In addition to numerical information leaks, Facebook continues to collect user data.

Опубликованы бесспорные доказательства шпионажа за пользователями Facebook

In the emails talking about the fact that Facebook wants to use data to improve algorithms of the social network, as well as to find new users using the “people You may know”.

Initially this involved the selection, usually through pop-up dialog box in the application. However, the developers have found a way of manipulating smartphones to potential users.

The feature “people You may know” became the subject of controversy in the network, as Facebook often identificeret users using location and other non-obvious sources. It has also been associated with the so-called shadow profiles for non-registered users. Most likely, these data were, and invisible for the user.

Опубликованы бесспорные доказательства шпионажа за пользователями Facebook

The press service of the social network adhere to the original statements, claiming that he never collected data on calls and messages without users permission.

Recall that the Korean company Samsung has again disgraced before the public. This time, she was caught in a blatant lie to users. It is reported that Samsung has launched an advertising campaign for the new smartphone. In the is flashed quality picture allegedly taken with the new smartphone. Actually, the photo was taken with a professional camera, and even found the photographer.

Earlier Znayu reported that soon the market the smartphone can break a new smartphone from Xiaomi, it is Noted that it will be a Mix Xiaomi Mi 3s, which will receive the technology slider. Among other things, the device will receive as much as 12 GB of RAM, and a triple main camera, and dual front.

Znayu wrote that the Korean company Samsung is preparing to release as much as 2 new smartphones. However, these models are only middle class, so nothing interesting of itself is almost not present.


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