Profiling season 9 : time jumps, the wedding… the first info on the sequel

Profilage saison 9 : saut dans le temps, mariage... les premières infos sur la suite

Profiling season 9 : time jumps, the wedding… the first info on the sequel

While the season 9 of Profiling has not yet been date of the broadcast on TF1, the first info on the sequel with Philippe Bas (Commander Stone) and Juliette Roudet (Adele) come to fall and wait for you to change. Jump back in time, marriage, start… PRBK says it all.

When will season 9 of Profiling on TF1 ? This is the question that arises from the end of season 8, logic will tell us-you. We know filming has been delayed because of the birth of Juliette Roudet, but it is now finished and the episodes are ready : the broadcast has just started in Belgium. A good news because thanks to it, we have the right to new information about the sequel.

A time jump of 5 years

Then, what will happen after the death of Argos and the abduction of Adele ? Well, against all expectations, the season 9 of the Profiling will not start after the disappearance of the successor of Odile Vuillemin, but five years after : a jump back in time similar to that of the new season of Clem. Mere coincidence ? 😉

One will thus find the character of Juliette Roudet to Paris without a job (he left his post at the Office) and on “the point to marry Gabriel, the man of her dreams, “says the RTBF. But despite his change of life, the twin brother of Camille Delettre will once again collaborate with Rocher (Philippe Bas) on a murder case,”violent” and “strange“. How is going to turn their reunion after five years away from the other ? Case to follow.

Jessica and Hyppolite married

If Adele has resigned from her post due to her removal, “the commander Rock is about to become a Commissioner, “while Jessica Kancel has finished his exams in order to become a lieutenant, but this is not all : she is now married to Hyppolite (Raphael Ferret). A marriage surprising since the two characters have slept together on several occasions -they even had a baby together – without ever putting in a couple officially. It was time therefore !

The departure of Juliette Roudet

After Odile Vuillemin, it is the turn of Juliette Roudet to quit Profiling. The season 9 will be her last as she has announced in the month of September : “it is a difficult choice because I have a lot of affection for the people who write this series, and for those who produce it day-to-day. But it is a choice sincere, nourished by the feeling of leaving this project at the moment is more just for me (…) I want to devote myself to new projects, new roles, new challenges.” The production and writers of the series to TF1 have already started to look for a(e) substitute(e).


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