Plus belle la vie : Sacha is going to trick Luna with Mathilde

Plus belle la vie : Sacha is going to trick Luna with Mathilde

Did you know ? The word “loyalty” does not exist in the dictionary of a More beautiful life. And this is Sacha will soon remind us of the fact by tricking Luna with Mathilde, the lookalike of his ex-girlfriend died. A plot is classic, and Mistral.

Sacha and Mathilde are going to crack

Who hasn’t cheated that the Mistral-the More beautiful the life ? That is the question. After Samia who has deceived Boher with Djawad, and then Boher who betrayed Ariadne with Samia, and Coralie, who will deceive Clement with Theo, it is now Ash who is about to trick Luna into the story daily on France 3. It is not far from a world record.

Through an excerpt of the episode 3686, which will be released on December 10, next, thus, we can discover the character of Avy Marciano dying (as we suspected) to the charms of Mathilde (Flavie Péan), which is none other than the look-alike perfect Victory, his ex-girlfriend died. Murky ? You said creepy ?

In the video in question is available in our slideshow, we thus find the two characters kissing each other sensually, half-undressed, in what appears to be a hotel room. Not cool.

Still a hope for Luna

However, it is difficult to know how far will their history. According to this extract, a certain barrier seems to be present between the two, probably themselves embarrassed by the situation. In addition, this apparent deception does not mean the end of the couple Ash/Luna. At the micro -, Tele-Entertainment, actress Anne Decided has surprisingly confessed : “If there must be deception of an evening, the couple is, according to me, mature enough to rely on“.

You can fool a person a thousand times. You can fool a thousand person once. But you can’t fool a thousand people, a thousand times…


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