Plus belle la vie : David Baiot (Djawad) back in the series

Plus belle la vie : David Baiot (Djawad) de retour dans la série

Plus belle la vie : David Baiot (Djawad) back in the series

Used to be marked by departures, the More beautiful life will soon find one of his actors iconic. As well, it is David Baiot, who was preparing to return to his role of Djawad-the Mistral of France 3. Boher & Samia may shake.

Currently, Boher still don’t know which one to choose between Ariane and Samia in a More beautiful life. If the character of Stéphane Henon wants to get back officially with his ex-wife (Fabienne Carat), it was also struggling to put an end to his relationship with his girlfriend current (Lola Marois-Bigard) who has profoundly helped back up the hill. But, unfortunately for the policeman, it might very quickly regret its inability to choose.

A return mysterious

According to the information of Tv Star, a former cult figure will soon make his return to the Mistral wind. That ? Djawad Sangha, the hero played by David Baiot. Little information is currently known about it, if not he will be “in the poster of the new prime-time event of the series, which will be broadcast next January on France 3“.

For what reason must we fear the worst for Boher ? This premium is precisely supposed to be dedicated, as well as Samia and Ariane. The result is that the back of Djawad at the centre of such an event is already born a few theories : will he try to recover Samia ? Will he reveal the truth to Ariane and break this relationship ? Everything is possible, all the more that this premium is already announced as a dangerous and intense.


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