Plan Heart, the Runaways, Papa or mama… : 10 series not to be missed in December

Plan Coeur, Runaways, Papa ou maman...  : 10 séries à ne pas manquer en décembre

Plan Heart, the Runaways, Papa or mama… : 10 series not to be missed in December

What are the series that you must look at in December 2018 ? PureBreak has done the sorting in your programs and speaks to you of 10 series not to be missed on tv with the launch of Plan Heart, a new French series from Netflix, Runaways who landed on SyFy, or even the arrival of Dad or mom on M6.


In the television world Marvel, we asked the teens ! In more Cloak and Dagger, the fans of the series were discovered in December 2017 series Runaways to be focused on teens who discover powers. Almost a year after the USA, SyFy program series where we find Gregg Sulkin, Rhenzy Feliz or even James Marsters. A must-see, like us, you love super-heroes and the teen-shows.
Date of broadcast : from 4 December to 21 on SyFy.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel season 2

Launched rather quietly last year on Amazon Prime Video, season 1 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was then the talk of the and garnered several prestigious awards, including those for best actress in a comedy and best comedy series at the last Emmy Awards. Needless to say you will jump on season 2 planned for 5 December. This second season we will also see the landscape as Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) will test his gifts of comedy in several cities.
Release Date : December 5, on Amazon Prime Video

The trailer for season 2 of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Dad or mom

In 2015, Marina Foïs and Laurent Laffite, two parents on the verge of divorce, were all the cheap shots to not get custody of their children to Dad or mom. After the success of the movie, and the sequel, it is a version series has arrived. What are the Florent Peyre and Emilie Caen, which embodies this new couple in the comedy of M6.
Date of broadcast : from 6 December to 21 on M6


OCS continues on its journey ! After the Irresponsible, The Great or, more recently, Twenty-Five, the chain will launch HP, series medical is not like the others awarded the prize for the best series of 26 minutes at the last Festival of the tv fiction of La Rochelle. It follows the journey of Sheila, a young interne in psychiatry who will discover an unexpected world.
Distribution Date : as of 6 December on OCS

Plan Heart

After Marseille, Netflix launches its new French series, a comedy in 8 episodes of 25 minutes called Plan Heart. While Elsa does is still recovering not from his previous breakup a year ago, her two best friends Emily and Charlotte are going to hire Jules, an escort, to seduce her. But when feelings are mixed, rien ne va plus.
Release Date : 7 December on Netflix

The trailer for Plan Heart

The crossover of the Arrowverse

Each year, the super-heroes in the Arrowverse to be found the time a crossover is exceptional. In 2018, exit the Legends of Tomorrow, “only” Flash, Supergirl and Arrow that you’ll find. The opportunity to find our heroes as well as Superman and… new ! Among them ? Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, but also Batwoman, who could have the right to have its own series.
Release Date : 9 December in the USA on the CW

The Girlfriend prodigious

In 2014, Elena Ferrante published The Girlfriend prodigious, first tom a saga of four novels. This are HBO, RAI fiction and Timvision, which are associated to adapt the franchise in four seasons. The first, composed of 8 episodes, began on December 13. The series, like the book, follows the story of Elena who, after the disappearance of her childhood friend Lila, tells their story, which began in 1950.
Date of dissemination : as of 13 December on Canal+

Land of tides

After his first series of German or even his first series of Danish, Netflix unveils 11 days before Christmas his first series of australia : Land of tides (the Tidelands in the original version). The platform revisits the myth of the sirens with Elsa Pataky (the wife of Chris Hemsworth) in the leading actress. It promises to be enigmatic and fantastic.
Release Date : December 14, on Netflix

Mr Robot season 3

While the film Bohemian Rhapsody in which he plays Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek will return to the French television in season 3 of Mr Robot released a year ago in the United States. It will however make sure to discover it since it will be broadcast at 22: 45 on France 2. It should be noted that Mr Robot will end in 2019 with its fourth and final season.
Date of broadcast : from 17 December to 22: 45 on France 2.


Penn Badgley signs his return in Perfect (You in the original version), six years after the end of Gossip Girl. In this series adapted from a novel, he is the embodiment of Joe, a young bookseller who becomes obsessed with Beck (Elizabeth Garlic) and goes to the stalker. Amazing and downright twisted at times, Perfect is the drama a perfect end to the year !
Release Date : December 26, on Netflix

Plan Coeur, Runaways, Papa ou maman...  : 10 séries à ne pas manquer en décembre

Penn Badgley back in Perfect


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