Pavel Vishnyakov: biography from mediocre actor to a sex symbol

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov in my life

Pavel Vishnyakov: biography from mediocre actor to a sex symbol
Pavel Vishnyakov – fresh sex symbol of Ukrainian television. He became known to us many years ago due to the almost legendary TV series “Return of Mukhtar”. Now regularly appears on television in another, but Ukrainian detective series “Officer on call”. But the true awareness and popularity Vishnyakov only purchased because of the participation in the TV show “Tantsi z with a stars”. What is interesting in his biography, what he lives and what Ukrainian beauty this bald macho is finally given a heart?

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov “Officer on call”

Height, weight, parameters of the shape, age

Date of birth of Pavel Vishnyakov: 10 June 1983 – now he is 35. It turns out that the actor sign of the zodiac belongs to the Twins. And it is very changeable and unstable sign, especially in the men’s version – it is not surprising that in the column “marital status” this handsome still means “in search of the perfect wife.”

The actor looks quite manly: height (191 cm), and become all fit the parameters of a male warrior and a smoothie. In “dancing with the stars” jury is even called him dancing Bruce Willis. At taut the figure it is noticeable that Pasha sports. However, this is a hobby, and weight, and the parameters of the figure the young man does not advertise.

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov in my youth


Pavel Vishnyakov was born in Belarus, Mogilev. This small town, by the way, gave the world the still of Boris Moiseev. Pavel’s parents are far from film, theatre and music – they are the representatives of the technical industries. But their cute son already from a very early age showed a desire to perfect. Say Paul since childhood was opened to arrange house concerts. He also was fond of drawing and loved to do various creative crafts with your hands. And in a youthful age he became a school star – not only by studying, but also achieved success in sports, studied music.

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov in my life


The first step to an acting career Vishnyakova was the game in the drama club in high school. Tall, handsome, athletic and talented/charismatic, he quickly gained popularity among filmmakers, Amateurs and got main roles in productions. So after high school before Vishnyakov was not the question “what to become,” he boldly took the diploma of the Minsk State Academy of arts. And then the guy accompanied by incredible luck.

Not only is he immediately enrolled at the prestigious UNIVERSITY with a sophisticated selection and furious competition, but also during the students started to play on a professional theatrical stage. It was the first stage of the State musical theatre in Minsk. So now and movie roles arrived even before graduation. The first film by Vishnyakov – role in the episode “Heaven and earth” in 2003-m to year of joint production of Russia and Belarus.

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov in the “Mukhtar”


When in 2004-m to year Vishnyakov received his higher education, his career has developed in full swing. But he decided to continue training and hone your skills – so just took his first degree at the national academic drama theatre named after Gorky in Belarus. At that time, Pasha has already fixed has worked in the National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala. Here he played more than 20 different roles. The most significant of them are works in productions of “the Song about bison”, “Amphitryon”, “the taming of the shrew”, “Africa” and “the Abyss”. But still his main goal in life is cinema. Therefore Vishnyakov was looking for any opportunities to Shine on the blue screen. Not to say that the start of his cinematic careers were brilliant, but…

In 2005–2008 years – the young actor is interrupted by minor roles, mostly in Belarusian films.

But the real breakthrough for Vishnyakova was probably to this day the most famous for his role in “the Return of Mukhtar”. It happened in 2009-m to year when on the eve of the filming of the 5th season, it drew the attention of the Director of the series Vladimir Zlatoustovsky. Then the producers of the show had to find a replacement for Alexander Volkov, who suddenly left this police picture. Vishnyakov phoned friends from Moscow and invited to audition. To get the role of Maxim Zharov, the guy bought the discs and have watched all the series in one gulp. As before, surprisingly, he’s eye never saw “Mukhtar”, which already had their own cult for the post-Soviet TV. Samples of the young Aktur was so convincing that immediately won the role. And now, after the premiere of the 5th season Pavel Vishnyakov became really famous. And not only in native country but also in the vast expanses of Russia and Ukraine. And it’s already 25 years!

From here begins his fateful Kiev story, because the shooting of “Mukhtar” was held in our capital. At first Paul was here only a few times per month. But the farther, the more this project began to occupy space and time in the life of an actor.

In 2008, the year Vishnyakov completely hung, for the sake of the movie. Of course, he became a star not only in the famous TV series, but has combined this hard work with work in feature films of Russian production. This, for example, “the Dance of our love”, “caviar Baron”, “Sea devils”, “ball return”, “Poor relatives”, etc.

In 2014, the shooting of “Mukhtar” was over – and then Vishnyakov had a hard time. He not only was without a job, but survived the global disappointment in people. As the actor himself said in an interview: “Then I really found myself at a crossroads. The screens came last season. And I fell into a depression. In the final shots had to endure betrayal from loved ones which practically owned during the work and considered them his support. It turned out that in my eyes sing the praises of, and behind is another. I thought even that should leave the profession. When some survived the shock and started to think rationally, it was faced with a choice: the opportunity to start from scratch in Turkey or to live in Kiev for a while.” It so happened that fate made the decision for Paul. Its Turkish project was closed before it began – so the guy went to the Ukrainian capital. And immediately luck – with no creative plans, going here just to relax and unwind, instead of Vishnyakov got many job offers. Creativity and perspectives overflowed so much that a year later he is completely moved to Ukraine.

2016-the year was marked by the actor’s two melodramas: “Ask the autumn” and “Singer”.

And this spring on one of the TV channels has a new show with its participation – a premiere from Director Taras Tkachenka “Officer on call”. In it Pavel Vishnyakov plays a major role – captain Trofimov. Work on this film began in 2016-m to year.

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov and Bryukhanov

Personal life: wife, children, divorce…

Until recently the public relations in his personal life Pavel Vishnyakov did not. And special details about his past romances in the press there. But something we do know. Namely: the TV series “Return of Mukhtar” was for cinematic COP fatal, not only professionally, but in love. During filming he fell in love with a colleague Svetlana to Bryukhanov. She played the role of captain Catherine Kalitina.

Svetlana bryukhanova – pretty blonde, who began his career as a model. But the desire of glory led her to a film audition.

Their love affair with Paul began touching and very romantic. First they went for coffee in the breaks between filming. Then, two other cities in Kiev, not having loved ones in a strange city, walking in the evening streets, and then almost all the free time began to hold together and twirled… In recognition of the Vishnyakova, they were a couple just about a year. But the relationship of lovers was so obvious that in the press it was reported that they were married. Many people still refer to Bryukhanov ex-wife Vishnyakova. But really about marriage, they were not discussed. At least officially they their relationship is not exactly designed: the wedding that never took place, but not even planned.

When finished shooting “Mukhtar”, Svetlana and Paul just left for their cities: it is – in Moscow, Minsk. Distance relationship some time kept on the phone calls (he even came to her periodically in the Russian capital), but quickly exhausted itself – so ridiculous and I broke up. Moreover soon Svetlana was married to a Muscovite, and had a baby. Later commenting on a bad novel, Vishnyakov told that a short time they even lived together. Apparently, in Kiev, because to call their relationship love, now he hesitates and says that it’s just an office romance.

You should summarize that and to this day, Pavel Vishnyakov perfect wife is not found and the child had not. As the saying goes: to have or not have is unknown, even better. If we don’t read what Vishnyakov married, and not hear: Vishnyakov divorced.


For the first time Paul was actively discussed in the press thanks to a fictional novel in the days of the “Mukhtar”. Then his sweetheart, for fans was a partner on the series – Natalia Yunnikova. Just because a girl played with him in love on the screen. In fact, even the hint of romance between them has never been – this is categorically stated both Paul and Natalia. Especially because at that time she was married. Unfortunately, after the “Mukhtar” cute Natalia had a hard time: lack of work, divorce, the hardships of life and, ultimately, a ridiculous tragedy. In 2017 in 37-m to year of life after surviving a stroke, she died.

Today, all the rumors about Vishnyakova with a rather boring biography related only to his personal life. Such is the fate of a bachelor. And now becoming a media personality thanks to the successful participation in the show “dancing with the stars”, he stirs.

Now he goes to secular activities, and it is caught here journalists: of course, interested in only one thing – who spends his nights sexy man. Of course, passionate dancing on the dance floor TV show suggests the possibility of novel Vishnyakova with such an attractive partner. He answers the reporters, adhering to scenario techniques intrigue: “Yulia sakhnevich – the most beautiful and the best partner. The rest I have no comment”.

At the same time before the show Vishnyakov told me that his heart belongs to a Kiev, with whom he met 2 years ago, before filming “Opera experience.” He met her at a night club and she is quite far from the drama and cinema. Vishnyakov happy to see this: in my experience personal relations with the Actresses he can be compared with life on a powder keg.

Whatever it was, but the actor is now definitely says that time is ripe for serious relations, create family and children. So we wish him happiness and waiting for the invitation to the wedding party!

Interesting facts

• Shooting in the “Mukhtar” of steel for Vishnyakova not only happy but and problem. After filming it on all castings before they closed the doors. Nobody wanted to see in his films a recognizable character type police. Paul suffered a little and changed my image. In order to become radically different, he needed only to shave my head… well, to start from scratch in a new city.

• As played by the actor mostly in detective and crime films, he has to engage in fights and all kinds of physical “tests”. Various stunts he performs himself.

• Strong men, too nervous and comforted by the sweet. Vishnyakov it is recognized that the stress seizes large quantity of chocolate.


Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov: the frame with the “Mukhtar”

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov portrait

Павел Вишняков: биография – от посредственного актера до секс-символа

Vishnyakov on the set



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Official site of Pavel Vishnyakov himself never created. Yes, and from all social networks prefer Instagram only. There he actively shares with fans the information and work:


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