Paralyzed for eight years, after having eaten a slug, a young Australian dies

Paralysé pendant huit ans après avoir mangé une limace, un jeune Australien décède

Sam died eight years after having swallowed a slug infected.

In 2010, following a betting fool, he had swallowed a slug alive, and found himself paralyzed. After eight years of suffering, Sam Ballard, this young Australian died on 2 November last.

After eight years of terrible suffering, Sam Ballard died on 2 November last. The fate of this young Australian has been made public in the beginning of the year. In 2010, he had swallowed a slug alive after a stupid bet at a barbecue with friends. The animal, infected with a worm parasite called Angiostrongylus cantonensis, the contaminated. The young man sank into a coma for over a year. Has his alarm clock, he was paralyzed from head to toe.

This rugby player, very promising, then saw his life upside down. As well as that of his family. The parasite present in the slug, in particular, conveyed by the excreta of rats, has caused an infection to the brain of the young man. The infection is of no consequence most of the time but this has not been the case for him.

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