Pakistan : the christian Asia Bibi has been released

Pakistan : la chrétienne Asia Bibi a été libérée

Manifestations of radical islamists in Pakistan.

The fate of this christian sentenced to death for blasphemy before being paid, had moved the international community. Her husband had applied for asylum in plusiuers country, but we don’t know for the moment where she will be welcomed.

The christian Asia Bibi, acquitted a week ago after eight years spent in the corridors of death for blasphemy, but who had remained incarcerated since then, has been freed, announced on Wednesday his lawyer, Saif ul-Mulook.

“She was released. I was told that she was in a plane, but nobody knows where it will land”, wrote Me ul-Mulook in a message. The release order came on Wednesday to the prison of Multan (center), where it was held, indicated a frame in prison.

According to an official of the civil aviation in Multan, a small plane has landed in the evening with “a few foreigners and some Pakistani” onboard, without more precision.

The husband of Asia Bibi has claimed Saturday the asylum for his family in the United States, in Great Britain or in Canada, claiming that a too great danger if they remained in Pakistan. “I ask the president and Donald Trump to help us to leave. After that, I ask the First minister, uk (Theresa May) to do his best to help us,” said Ashiq Masih, in a video message. The husband of Asia Bibi has also applied for the”help” of the canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Divisions in Pakistan

The Asia Bibi case divided strongly the Pakistan. After his acquittal has been pronounced, by the islamists, who demand his execution, were blocked for three days the main axes of the country, pushing the government of Prime minister Imran Khan sign a controversial agreement with them. The executive is committed to launch a procedure aimed to prevent Asia Bibi to leave the territory and not to block a request for revision of the judgment of acquittal. The agreement has been criticized by many Pakistanis.

Ms. Bibi, a farm girl christian at the age of fifty years and mother of five children, had been sentenced to death in 2010 for blasphemy following an argument with the village muslim about a glass of water.

His case had moved the international community. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said Monday, “ready to accept” with his family in the French capital.


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