P.-O. : investigation on the old wizard european of Louis Aliot

P.-O. : enquête ouverte sur l’ancien assistant européen de Louis Aliot

Mohamed Bellebou, ex-assistant parliamentary deputy frontiste is suspected of having held a job dummy.

The grip tightens to the member of parliament for the second district of the Pyrenees-Orientales. After having been indicted in the so-called case of the staffers of the national Front, he is targeted by another case in the department.

A preliminary investigation was opened a few months ago by the public prosecutor of Perpignan, confirmed the prosecutor of the Republic, Jean-Jacques Fagni, following suspicions of employment, fictional, aiming Mohamed Bellebou, the former attached to the parliamentary (2014-2016) Louis Aliot then member of the european parliament. The investigation was entrusted to SRPJ Montpellier.

Mohamed Bellebou was part of a time point of the first circle of the parliamentary frontiste who took him under his wing upon his release from prison. The activist, the son of harkis, had been sentenced in 2010 to two-year sentence, sentence reduced to three months on appeal, to have held for a time the former senator PS Jean-Pierre Bel, under the threat of an explosive device fake, namely a fire extinguisher full of electrical wires.

Mohamed Bellebou this time is suspected to have touched a remuneration from public funds (22 800 € net) so that he would not have occupied the functions assigned to it. In addition, municipal councillor, elected in march 2014 on the list of frontiste, he would have been hired for the campaign by the society of printing Imprimatur close to the national Front, based in Limoges, for the dissemination of leaflets and the display to Perpignan.

No connection with the case of the parisian

According to our information, this folder would not have any link with the case that has shaken the party of Marine Le Pen in the capital. “There had been elements and links, I would have declined jurisdiction in favour of Paris,” added the prosecutor. “It is not within the scope of the investigations that are made there”.

Contacted Thursday, 25 October, Louis Aliot says that he has “no fear”. “Mohamed Bellebou has always done its work, and I am separated at the moment he has found a new job in the community social. I was not aware of an investigation. I was informed by the press. What I find a bit special all the same”.

The vice-president of the national Gathering added that he has filed “two complaints : one for breach of the secrecy of the instruction, and another for violation of the presumption of innocence”. And to conclude, “our case is now that of the Modem, of France, disobedient, Greens, Republicans, and a few others.”

New convocation among the judges in Paris

The information was revealed Wednesday by our confreres of Challenges. Louis Aliot has been summoned on Thursday by judges investigating the financial department in charge of the investigation on the parliamentary assistants to the FN. Already put in a review in December 2017 for “abuse of trust” in this case, the judges have turned the proceedings into “embezzlement of public funds”.

According to Louis Aliot, it is not as presumed the journalist Challenges of new elements in the investigation but “a requalification juridique the implementation of the review related to a modification of the case-law of the Court of cassation”.

This last, after the case of Fillon, considers that the funds of the parliamentary assistance is public money. “There is no diversion of funds or, obviously, personal enrichment. It is a dispute in the interpretation of a function that will be decided in many years”.

On this issue, which affects all executives of the RN and many French political parties, the justice suspects the former member of the european parliament (2014-2017) to have recourse to an attached member of parliament who was not working on the european issues, but in reality for the national Front.



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