“Owls” urgent need to change the mode of the day: 5 reasons to Wake up early

"Совам" нужно срочно менять режим дня: 5 причин просыпаться рано

People are divided into two types – larks and owls. First Wake up early and go to bed early, the second on the contrary – until late at night unable to sleep and in the morning sleep till midday. Advantages and disadvantages are and those and others. But scientists still say that more chances of success are just larks. We offer you 5 reasons, why should you force yourself to Wake up early.

This improves the health

An early start definitely gives you more time to pack and mood for good day. Drink coffee, browse social networks, efficiently pick up a stylish bow – it is possible to do even be done without haste and with pleasure, if you Wake up half an hour earlier. Scientific studies show that skylarks have better health, more time for morning chores.

"Совам" нужно срочно менять режим дня: 5 причин просыпаться рано

It helps to lose weight

Scientists say that owls are more likely to be overweight because they often eat late at night. Larks, on the contrary to eat more in the first half of the day. And also people who Wake up early, have more time for physical activity and sport. Owls in turn spend more time sitting watching TV or comp to view these files.

People who Wake up earlier tend to plan your day effectively and spending their time. In the first half of the day people have more power to work and solve cases. This figure drops after sunset. So the owls tend to postpone all on then.

It gives more energy

The human body is extremely complex. All processes inside us starts about 5 in the morning. Larks used all the reserves of the body as possible. Early rise gives you energy for the whole day.

Will have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness

To such conclusion scientists from Spain. Larks often say that they are satisfied with life and less go to therapy. This is facilitated by all the above factors.

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