Out of captivity Selena: Justin Bieber revealed a secret wife, fans gnash their teeth

Вон из плена Селены: Джастин Бибер показал тайную жену, фанатки скрежещут зубами

The young canadian singer Justin Bieber, iconic even when he was a teenager finally came out of the shadows and admitted to the public that he is married. His choice, as one would expect, was a 21-year-old model Hailey Baldwin. 24-year-old Bieber has published in his Instagram photo, where holding hands with a sweetheart and wrote – “I Have an awesome wife.’ From the picture exudes happiness and optimism. It is evident that Justin really loves his mate.

I wonder just how it will react to singer Selena Gomez, which was considered a fatal love of the contractor. They then agreed, then disagreed, then again the paparazzi saw them together. However, the miracle hoped for by the fans, did not happen. Bieber hooked up with Hailey Baldwin, and now married her.

On the same day, when on the page of Justin Bieber appeared this post, Haley changed the name to Instagram, now her name is Hayley Bieber.

This is the first confirmation of the rumors about their secret wedding that have been circulating for several months. In October, the couple spotted at Church in Beverly hills. Later eyewitnesses have published photos that Bieber and Baldwin pick up a new home and going to Church.

Justin Bieber began his career in 2008. The singer has released four albums and several times went on a world tour. Previously, he was Dating actress and singer Selena Gomez. Hailey Baldwin American top model and TV host, the youngest daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

As previously reported , Justin Bieber has radically changed her image – probably preparing for a new life.

It is now known that the contractor is not only cut his long hair, but almost completely shaved.

Moreover fans of the star say that he did it in his bathroom.

The last time Justin often sad over Selena Gomez — my ex-girlfriend, and is very worried about her health, which, of course, not like his wife. Despite idyllic pictures, media reports that the couple always quarrel. Comes to a few fights a week.

We will remind, fans looking for the charm of Brezhnev, but not find.

As reported “Znayu” Gomez in a mental hospital declassified relationship with an adult woman.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that revealed the secret to a perfect body Jennifer Lopez.

Recall, the most famous dumpling in the world of Tess Holliday has lost in 5 minutes, than inexpressibly shocked fans. Girl weighing 155 kg shared his secret. Now at any weight, you look perfect in the photos and collect tons of likes. However, Tess is not necessary, because it is so popular.


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