Operation winback for Laeticia Hallyday, after an album made “in pain”

Opération reconquête pour Laeticia Hallyday, après un album réalisé "dans la douleur"

Very moved, Laeticia Hallyday is out of his silence Friday evening.

The widow of Johnny Hallyday if is expressed in the evening of Friday, October 19, on TF1, on the occasion of the release of the album posthumous, My country is love.

“This is not an album like others,” stressed Laeticia Hallyday, on the evening of Friday, October 19, on TF1. Tens of thousands of fans of Johnny gave him reason on that day in rushing in the record shops to buy the album posthumous of their idol, in My country it is love.

“This was not his first cancer”

“This is an album that has been achieved in the pain, in the fight against this disease. It was the album of the resilience, the courage, the determination to want to say something, wanting to speak of his freedom of thought, of his rage to live and then love,” explained the widow of the singer during an interview pre-recorded broadcast during the 20 hours of TF1 Anne-Claire Coudray. “I never believed that we were going to lose this war, it was not his first cancer,” but “the third”, she emphasized, describing her daily life without her husband as “dizzying”.

“There’s a lot of hate”

Engaged in a court battle around the testament american Johnny, who disinherits his benefit the children of the singer, Laura Smet et David Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday was assured that she was trying to reach an agreement. “We are trying. It is complicated, because there are a lot of things that are orchestrated. There is a lot of hate, contempt, humiliation, lies that you are wrong. It is difficult to hear, it is difficult to undergo it, said the woman in the rocker. It was so violent for me.”

“The willingness of this testament belongs to my man, I am not responsible. It was not handled. He believed he had protected David and Laura of her living,” she explained, noting that a man “is not always brave to say things”. But “David and Laura have not been prevented from seeing their father”, she said, but felt the suffering of David and Laura’s “real”.

Ready to make concessions

The widow of the singer is willing to make “many concessions” to the two elders of the singer, refusing, however, to detail them. By contrast, David and Laura have “not made the application” from Warner to listen to the disc before its release, according to the record label. Confidentiality measures drastic were taken to avoid leakage on this album, the most anticipated of the year in France.

Code name “JPS Elektra”

All the copies were manufactured in a single plant, in Italy, and stored in a height under the code name “JPS Elektra” (a reference to Jean-Philippe Smet and a label of Warner). But the only presence on the plateau of TF1 of Laeticia Hallyday, if low profile since the death of the rocker, watch the challenge colossal financial of this album. Both in promotion and in operation reconquest from the French, the widow of the “taulier” will continue to ensure for itself the promotion of the disc on RTL on Saturday morning and in Paris Match.

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