On the moon they found the secret base, from us all this time was hiding something

One of the Youtube users said that they found evidence that the moon is “secret space program”.

In the video, posted by a user from the channel thirdphaseofmoon, clearly shows that the center of the lunar crater is a bright object.

“What happens on the surface of the moon? – asks followers a question Blake Cazans channel thirdphaseofmoon. “We have observed lunar anomalies, recorded by NASA, but this video from the Amateur, the man who was just looking at the moon.”

Blake believes that a photo can trigger further inquiry about the space program, which oganesovna on the moon under a signature stamp “top secret”.

“The secret space program is real, there is photographic evidence,” he says.

The full moon

During the day, watched the video 10 000 times. The majority of the comments adhere to the idea that the space really is something terrible.

“This orange thing must be HUGE”, “This is 100% proof that the Moon is not a lifeless”, “It’s something artificial, and I don’t care if someone is trying to debunk, you need to believe your own eyes” – written by users.

We will remind, in approximately 4.5 billion years the sun will become a red giant and will expand to the orbit of Venus. It was then the end will come the Sun. Becoming a red giant, it will expand to the orbit of Venus, and will absorb a number of the planets, including the Earth.

Earlier Znayu reported that scientists have recorded anomalous rumble at the bottom of the Indian ocean. What is this and when there was yet no one can say.

Also Znayu wrote scientists from the UK were finally able to unravel the mystery of the drawings that were discovered in the cave of Lascaux in France. The report notes that the study worked representatives of Kent and Edinburgh universities.


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