“On Fire” : Loïc Nottet changes look for his grand return

"On Fire" : Loïc Nottet change de look pour son grand retour

Loïc Nottet changes look for his grand return with “On Fire”

After a long tour, the Seflocracy Turn, and pieces to success as a “Mud Blood” and “Million Eyes”, Loïc Nottet will make his big return to music this Friday, November 30, 2018 with an all new title called “On Fire”. And for his come-back, the belgian singer has not done things by half since it has decided to change its look, look.

Loïc Nottet you missed ? Well, he will be back this Friday ! A year after the release of his first album “Selfocracy”, composed pieces to success “Mud Blood” and “Million Eyes”, and several months after a well-deserved break, the winner of Dancing with the stars 6 has returned to the studio in October to prepare for its second installment. It is 30 November 2018 the belgian singer will release the first single “On Fire”, a title “pop with sounds a little more urban,” as he told RTBF.

Loïc Nottet goes blonde for her single “On Fire”

To give us a little taste, Loïc Nottet has unveiled the cover of her brand new single, on which his fans have quickly noticed his great change of style : he dyed her hair blond. New look, new life ? Not sure, but the interpreter of “Doctor” has, it seems, wanted to celebrate his come-back as it should be : “I just wanted to change, I had a little madness. I wanted a new look for a new project in my personal career“, he confessed to the media in belgium.

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"On Fire" : Loïc Nottet change de look pour son grand retour

Loïc Nottet has dyed her hair blonde for her comeback

In any case, his new style is very pleasing to its subscribers, even if some prefer it in brown : “this you will very well Loïc. Looking forward to your new album“, “I love your hair“, “damn the color of hair“, “Loïc blonde not bad“, “the blond goes you super“, “cannon blond“, “I love your hair, “one can read in the comments on Instagram.

“There will be a new concept”

In addition to its new color, Loïc Nottet has opted for a few changes for its second album : “there will be a new concept. After is this is the result of ‘Selfocracy’ ? Maybe indirectly, because it is my story but caricaturée. I had not thought“, he confided. This new concept still remains a mystery because the project does not have for the moment no release date.


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