“On Fire” : Loïc Nottet back with a single powerful for the “hate” and “frustrated”

Loïc Nottet speaks on his new single “On Fire” in an interview with PRBK

Since the end of his “Selfocracy Tour”, Loïc Nottet is far away from the media world to work on their second album, including : it has just unveiled the first single entitled “On Fire”. A powerful piece pop and urban addressed the “hateful” and “frustrated”, as it was entrusted to the belgian singer, who has changed his look, in interview with PRBK.

The career of Loïc Nottet has changed dramatically since his victory in Dancing with the stars 6 : the young singer followed up the interviews for her first album “Selfocracy”, composed of the titles “Mud Blood” and “Million Eyes”, and then launched into a long tour. But at the end of his “Selfocracy Tour”, the artist took the decision to withdraw from the stage : “I needed to recharge myself a little (…) for me, away from the media world“, he says in interview with PRBK.

Loïc Nottet once again proves his talent with “On Fire”

But after a year of absence around, Loïc Nottet is back with a single unreleased title “On Fire” and a whole new look that marks a turning point in his “personal life” : “I feel much more peaceful (…) I assume to belong to this great family of artists all also weird that can be. I feel better, “explains the interpreter of “Rhythm Inside”. Loïc Nottet wanted a change,”bright, cooler and lighter” : a change that is felt also in the first preview of his next album, in addition to its dye blonde.

“On Fire” keeps the pop style usual the winner of Dancing with the stars 6, but it has this time wanted to stand out by adding sounds urban. The result is rather successful and it still remains as powerful as the preceding tunes of Loïc Nottet, who continues to prove to us the extent of his talent and surprise us.

Loïc Nottet back with “On Fire”

“If you’re just here to bully me, I do not need your air”

If the title is light and fresh, it hides in reality a rather strong message sent to “hate” : “the’On Fire’ this is the mode I burn, I am a fire with me alone, I don’t need your oxygen to grow. If you are just there for me to spit on it or bully me, I do not need your air (…) I address the hateful and frustrated. People are frustrated“, admits Loïc Nottet before adding that the clip “Doctor” was “the turning point” for this evolution.

The one who composed the title “No” of Louane we then explained : “I was very afraid that people see no difference between ‘Selforcray’ and the project now. There is a shift and a difference between the Loïc of ‘Selfocracy’ and ‘On Fire’.” So successful bet for Loïc Nottet !

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