Older people wear glasses that are not adapted

Les personnes âgées portent des lunettes non adaptées

Elderly : glasses not suitable !

According to researchers from Inserm, a significant portion of the population would not of glasses adapted to his view. And this in spite of a myopia, a hyperopia.

Researchers from Inserm, the University of Bordeaux and the Sorbonne University have analysed data from the cohort Eleanor together more than 700 people aged 78 years and more. “In this population, almost 40 % have a visual impairment (such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism) badly corrected”, detail the scientific.

This figure rises to 50% among “the persons examined in their place of living (because they have not wished or not been able to leave the hospital)”. And “in patients [yet followed for the] pathologies age-related eye (macular degeneration, age-related, glaucoma…)”, the percentage is 35 %.

Degradation commonplace view ?

But how do you explain these figures ? “The reasons are multiple,” says Catherine Helmer, a researcher at Inserm in charge of the study. “They can be related to fatalism, which suggests that it is normal that eyesight declines with age, or even financial reasons persistent in spite of the existing aid.”

An important point given the impact of visual disorders on “the quality of life and dependency in activities of daily living”.

To promote the wearing of safety glasses adapted, the idea is to put in place prevention actions specifically targeted to the persons examined in their place of life”, emphasizes Catherine Helmer. And “to be attentive to the correction inappropriate [of the people followed for] eye disease”.


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