Now men do this: 10 victims of plastic surgery, which is scary

To the ladies with “duck” sponges filled with hyaluronic acid, all used. There is no intelligence – no complaints. Anyway, in the modern world, bent on the standards of beauty and appearance, people always want something to zoom in, zoom out, cut, sew (thanks, what not on the forehead), sanded and Evert.

Initially, plastic surgery was aimed at a good cause – to correct defects of appearance in people who ugliness really interferes with life. Now we see a completely different picture – in order to get closer to “puppet” the parameters, people redraw itself, even without any visible flaws. But before any of this nonsense have suffered, mostly girls. Now, among the men swept a new trend is to augment the lips, correct cheekbones to gain model looks, etc. It’s not about Justin Jedlica and other “keny” non-traditional sexual orientation. But about ordinary guys, got a virus metrosexuality and began to pump hialuronico his lips.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” take care of their children: Teens around the world began to play a dangerous game “Fire Challenge” burning themselves for the sake of likes.
Fire Challenge — new entertainment teenagers in the US and the UK. Hundreds of children burn themselves. And it’s all for fun and spectacular video. The thirst for instant fame is stronger than the instinct of self-preservation.

This was reported by the Daily Star newspaper.

Moreover, children encourage other Teens to do the same.

And even made the dangerous classes a challenge.

Rollers, where teenagers set fire to themselves for a laugh and likes are becoming more online. Doctors warn of health risks from such challenges.

We will remind, “well, I’m not very happy”: fans Troll new flashmob Buzova. The controversial singer gave a new flash mob online, but something went wrong.

As reported Know. ua, furious Kiev cooking challenge-punishment for the lack of hot water. Dozens of the capital’s homes were left without warm water – some almost 7 months.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Cords dedicated “inspector Putin” sarcastic verse, the network tired to laugh.


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