Not bought, but self made: Potap boasted gift of his son, real talent

Не купил, а сам сделал: Потап похвастался подарком сына, настоящий талант

Famous Ukrainian rapper and producer Alexey Potapenko has pleased fans with a new candid video. So, Instagram Potap showed a gift from her 10 year old son Andrew. We know that the boy himself made the Pope a holiday card.

Не купил, а сам сделал: Потап похвастался подарком сына, настоящий талант

This gesture Andrew congratulated the father with the Day of armed forces of Ukraine, which the country celebrated on Thursday, December 6. Potap has uploaded a video where shows off a card in which a boy wrote to his father a greeting.

Such a gift is extremely touched by the fans Potap: “Your son loves you very much”, “How sweet, your son is talent”, “the Tears are coming after these things”, “Good”, “So cute… not bought, but made himself,” write to the followers of the page Potap.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Ukrainian singer, the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva delighted fans in a new Instagram picture. The celebrity posed with rapper and producer Potap and admitted that they finally have one beautiful photo. The artists posed in very strange costumes: Nadia turned into a short white suit and a yellow handkerchief, but the captain struck shirt with animal print Zebra and black sequined pants.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol gave the first comment on the scandal involving Potap and Svetlana Loboda. The singer told that he thinks about the controversial joke Potap and comments about Svetlana Loboda. Carole admitted that he laughed when he saw the published Potap video, which is video of her speech has been imposed a terrible cry.

Recall that it was not in Spanish: Nastya Kamensky cursed live, the ears of Ukrainians have wilted.

As reported Znayu, Kamenskikh addressed to his “genius” and the Ukrainians are stupefied.

Also Znayu wrote, singer years Kamensky came to the ceremony in a strange outfit without underwear.


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