No longer a fantasy and not a joke: in Ireland has officially confirmed the appearance of UFOs and began investigating

Уже не фантастика и не шутки: в Ирландии официально подтвердили появление НЛО и принялись за расследование

Aviation administration of Ireland has officially announced the investigation of the appearance of unidentified flying objects in the sky in the country. This became known on Tuesday, November 13. On the same day, in the morning, 9 November, several pilots civilian flights have provided a report which was listed the same in the sky for UFO sightings.

It all started with the fact that the pilot of flight British Airways contacted the air traffic control Shannon international airport (one of the main airports of Ireland, is located 24 kilometers South from the town of Ennis). She asked, are somewhere nearby military exercises, as he noticed a flying object that was moving very fast. Naturally, any exercise was not performed. The message came at 06:47 GMT. The aircraft was flying from Montreal to London when the pilot and crew, and even passengers on the plane saw a blinding, very bright light. The UFO appeared to the left of the liner and with great speed headed North. The crew were perplexed, but felt that the aliens didn’t plan the collision with the plane.

The message could be taken as a joke or a collective hallucination, if similar message came from the crew and other ships. So, the pilot of the airline Virgin Airlines said that he saw several shining objects along the same path, entered the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere. You would think that the meteors, however, the behavior of flying objects suggested the idea that UFOs are managed. Who? This question will answer Aviation administration of Ireland after the investigation. The Department stated that all reports are received, registered and will be investigated how sensitive the incident.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” UFO crash caught on video in Russia showed unique footage.

In the Internet appeared the video, as flies over the city of UFOs. And not just hovering, but literally falling, like an alien ship is wrecked.

With the video of an unknown object published on YouTube.

Unusual object was noticed by the residents of the city of Kemerovo in Russia. The footage can be noted that the incident occurred on November 27 at about 8:50.

We will remind, on Google maps have found something from which hair stand on end. Experts noted that the patterns have the form of spirals.

As reported Know. ua, creepy UFO rushed to the ground straight from hell, the video confirms it. In America, the witnesses were numb from the shock.

Also Know As. ua wrote that near the Earth is ripe for the explosion of a strange object, the stronger the energy of the Sun. “The cosmic Serpent” threatens our planet.


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