No GMO: Chinese twins shocked the doctors from all over the world

Не без ГМО: китайские близнецы потрясли медиков со всего мира

Chinese scholar he Cisangkuy (He Jiankui) States that helped create the world’s first genetically modified people.

Unique twins were born a few weeks ago and got the names of Lulu and Nana. According to Dr. Csanky, they developed immunity prior to HIV infection, reports the Daily Mail.

Не без ГМО: китайские близнецы потрясли медиков со всего мира

In the study, the doctor “changed” the embryos of seven couples during infertility treatment. He stated that his goal was not to cure or prevent inherited disease, and to resist HIV infection.

For his work, the Professor used a high-tech tool CRISPR-cas9, which allows you to work with DNA on and off genes that lead to problems.

The researcher says that before that, he practiced editing genes in mice, monkeys and human embryos in the laboratory for several years and even tried to apply for patenting of the method.

Within the framework of the experimentation the physician tried to deactivate a gene called CCR5, a protein which forms an opening that allows HIV to enter the cell.

All the men from the project were HIV women no. Fathers suffered from infections that suppress the standard drugs against HIV, helping to protect offspring from infection.

Не без ГМО: китайские близнецы потрясли медиков со всего мира

However, the purpose of the study of seclocales to offer couples to have a child who will be forever protected from HIV. Volunteers for the experiment, the doctor scored with the help of a group for the protection of human rights called Baihualin.

According to scientists, they “washed” sperm from the semen which may contain HIV. Then the “tadpoles” were placed in the egg, and only then was provedena operation to edit the gene.

Tests show that one twin had both copies of the intended gene, and the other twin only one.

People with one copy of the gene can still be infected with HIV, although some argue that their condition deteriorates more slowly

Professor Hae Cisangkuy stated that he had worked for China, as this type of editing genes is prohibited in the United States because of fears that changes to DNA can deform other genes.

However, it should be noted that there is no independent verification of the statements of Dr. Cisangkuy. The results of the study also was published in the journal, where he could check other experts.

Не без ГМО: китайские близнецы потрясли медиков со всего мира

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