“No Candle No Light” : Zayn Malik and Nicki Minaj together on a title explosive 💥

“No Candle No Light” : Zayn Malik and Nicki Minaj together on a title explosive

The second album, Zayn Malik is always a huge question mark and the fans start to get impatient, but fortunately, the british singer knows how to make amends with a few surprises. The last in date ? A collaboration explosive with Nicki Minaj. “No Candle No Light” is to listen on PRBK.

Zayn Malik reveals his second album after “Mind of Mine”, that may one day be : teasé for several months now, the album still has no official release date. The ex-member of One Direction, prefers, in the meantime, offer quite unexpectedly several singles (“Fingers,” “Let Me”, “Sour Diesel”…) to his fans. Of singles to high potential since the british singer plunges us into the heart of her universe and works primarily with major names in music such as Sia (on “Dusk Till Dawn”) and Timbaland (on “Too Much”).

Zayn Malik joins Nicki Minaj on “No Candle No Light”

And the list is not yet complete. For proof, Zayn Malik (or ZAYN) has just hit a major blow by revealing ‘No Candle No Light”, her duet surprise with Nicki Minaj : the rapper and the sweetheart of Gigi Hadid associate on a beat to electro-tropical and explosive, to put out the fire, and one beat powerful, reminding one of DJs like Diplo or DJ Snake. The end of the title also has a few tunes of “212” by Azealia Banks, one of the songs from the original soundtrack of the film The Bling Ring. In any case, “No Candle No Light” has all the qualities needed to go on the radio in the loop 😁

“My album was released around the month of February”

For their part, the fans are asking if this sound will be present on the second album, Zayn Malik. A question that has no answer for the moment. By contrast, the artist has finally been given more info on his next opus : “we were supposed to go out in the months of February, march, but this largely depends on the promotion that I am ready to do. It is a progression of my age, my experience, “revealed the interpreter of “PILLOWTALK” in an interview with Vogue UK.


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