Nibiru exists! The mystical planet noticed at sunset

Нибиру существует! Мистическую планету заметили на закате солнца

In the entire history of mankind in the world there are many different conspiracy theories. One of the modern can become a reality for us.

Some conspiracy advocates believe in the existence of mystical planet Nibiru. As evidence they provide the video, which is visible from planet X.

This was reported by the edition “news of the world”.

The video was filmed by vacationers on the beach. The operator removes the sunset on the horizon, but there you can clearly see the unknown yellow spot of impressive dimensions.

Unknown object resembles the sun, but it is already in the frame there. Therefore, the author in the description of the video claims that this is the planet Nibiru. And now she is so close to the Ground that is visible on the horizon.

The conspiracy theorists have long spoken about the planet X which will bring humanity imminent death.

The approach of Nibiru is expected in 2017. But the arrival date is constantly changing. Now “scientists” say about 16 December 2018.

Then a mysterious planet that will explode, or detonate and cover our planet in huge pieces. Why will explode? So it approaches the sun!

In General, it is likely that we will all die. Not in your hours, but much earlier. But there is much you do not relax, because if Nibiru will not reach us, the mortgage itself does not pay.

Earlier, NASA began the search for the source of life on the ancient asteroid. The asteroid called Bennu remained untouched virtually since the emergence of our Solar system.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists made the bacteria to absorb the waste, humanity has a chance. Scientists are trying to teach bacteria to use their properties during environmental disasters.

Also “Znayu” wrote that scientists decided to “redraw” the space frontier: why and who benefits. The reduction of the border is beneficial to the company Virgin Galactic, which promises to carry tourists to space on its orbital plane SpaceShipTwo.


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