“Newspapers did not read Russian?”: The cords in his style reacted to the ranking of the best cities in the country

"Газет российских не читали?": Шнуров в своем стиле отреагировал на рейтинг лучших городов страны

Frontman of the band Leningrad Sergei Shnurov wrote a poem about the study of quality of life in Russia.

The works appeared on the official page of the musician in Instagram.

It is now known that the Cords in the video expressed their opinions about the ranking of the best cities of Russia, which was made on the eve University under the government of the country.

It is noted that the rating unexpectedly led Tyumen, second place went to Ivan. On the third honorary city was Moscow. Cords to form a sarcastic wrote that “in Moscow, of course, more or less, but how wonderful it is to live in Tyumen”.

The post the controversial singer just scored tens of thousands of likes and endless comments.

However, it is worth noting that the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has written a new verse. Published recently, the creation at a furious pace shatters the network, causing the laughter and the appreciation of the users.

Still, the Cord is able to say so to every his expression became winged. Fan to criticize the Russian authorities, the musician was inspired by Putin’s visit to the pharmacy to check , whether all necessary medications.

So, on Friday, November 16, the Russian government held a meeting on issues of drug supply. And after him, Putin went and looked at one of the pharmacies of St. Petersburg.

“Holy Russia! The Kingdom is huge!
He woke up very early.
At the pharmacy do drugs?
Water flows from the tap eh?
Along the forests and along the steppes
It rushes, flying tuple.
Check everything, everywhere things,
With trump poreshat InterMedia.
You have delivered bread in the store?
And again, check the pharmacy.
How much oil? And how much gas?
What we have there at Apeco?
Peter pipe прорвàло!
He immediately leaves.
And again, it’s not enough money,
Unfinished stadium.
He will bring them money,
Driving while in the bag Lam.
He parts it will be found,
Your personal Lada.”

– writing Sergei Shnurov

The opinions of fans in the comments were divided. Some write that the musician is just nothing to do, and others admire the wit and poetic talent Shnurov.

"Газет российских не читали?": Шнуров в своем стиле отреагировал на рейтинг лучших городов страны

Recall that His was a malicious con artist.

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Also “Znayu” wrote that Cord married for the fourth time, but did it really weird.


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