New roads and airports: the government will merge space the amount of ice and snow

Новые дороги и аэропорты: правительство сольет космическую сумму в лед и снег

The canadian government will invest 400 million dollars in infrastructure development that are found in the Arctic regions of the country. It is known that the government of Canada’s program for Arctic development, presumptively, will be held for 11 years.

Новые дороги и аэропорты: правительство сольет космическую сумму в лед и снег

This became known thanks to the TV channel SVS News that refers to the statement of the Ministry of transport of Canada.

“The Foundation of the national trade corridor will provide up to 400 million dollars. on transport initiatives in the Yukon, Northwest territories and Nunavut,” the channel quoted the statement.

Новые дороги и аэропорты: правительство сольет космическую сумму в лед и снег

It is also known that the development of transport infrastructure will include the construction of bridges, roads and airports.

“The government is looking for projects designed to improve access to markets of the Northern regions, usually cut off due to difficult terrain and weather conditions”, – noted in the Ministry of transport.

It is worth mentioning that more than one generation of scientists will seek answers to an ancient mystery hidden under the ice of Antarctica. Ice continent presents new discoveries constantly. Recently, research from a satellite revealed that deep beneath the layers of snow hummocks hidden reliefs of the lost continents. Special satellite gravity mapping GOCE was able to “see” what is hidden from other scientific satellites.

According to the collected data, the ice sheets of Antarctica hides the remains of a long lost continent. In a study published in Nature Science Reports, the evidence of its existence from the Gravity missions and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Aurora is one of those amazing wonders of nature, for which the cost to get out from under the warm blankets and go on a journey. Ancient peoples believed that the lights were the magical reflections of the Valkyrie or the sparks that are formed from the sway of the Fox’s tail. How it occurs in reality?

We will remind, mankind has destroyed 60% of the animals.

As reported Znayu trump will destroy Alaska one solution.

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