Netflix did with the TV series “Friends”, as requested by fans

Netflix сделал с сериалом "Друзья" то, о чем просили фанаты

Streaming service Netflix said it will retain the series “Friends” until the end of 2019. This was reported on the company’s page in Twitter.

“The holiday Armadillo brought a gift for you: “Friends” will be on Netflix the whole 2019,” says post.

Netflix сделал с сериалом "Друзья" то, о чем просили фанаты

To this service was going to remove the series, but they were stopped by the dissatisfaction of viewers with this decision. Many users stated that signed up for Netflix just to watch old “Friends”.

Earlier it was reported that won the hearts of millions of kit Harington, who plays Jon snow, said fans of “Game of thrones” sad news. In future spin-offs, prequels and sequels of the series won’t see him anymore.

Netflix сделал с сериалом "Друзья" то, о чем просили фанаты

Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

About this actor told in an interview with the BBC.

“I’d like to go back and work some more? For anything in life. Take, for example, me. If you rewind to the pilot episode of “Game of thrones”, it is almost 10 years of my life. For an actor it’s very unusual. It is very hard for such a long time to leave the family,” kit Harington

Netflix сделал с сериалом "Друзья" то, о чем просили фанаты

HBO, in preparation for the end of the series “Game of thrones”, began work on a possible spin-offs. It is known that one project already running in production – this is a prequel, whose story takes place 5000 years before the events of the original. The series, dubbed “the Long night” tells about the world, dragons came to be for a long time and will not be joining the Seven Kingdoms. The creators will reveal some of the secrets of Westeros, including the mystery of the origin of the White walkers.

The author of “a Song of Ice and fire” George R. R. Martin wants to create a spin-off of “Game of thrones” in the form of a parody of a Tom Stoppard “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead”.

Netflix сделал с сериалом "Друзья" то, о чем просили фанаты

We will remind, fans of “Black mirror” has found a release date for season 5. It will begin with a series of “bandersnatch”, named after the fictional creature.

Earlier Znayu reported known portal BuzzFeed has published a response to a popular request on the possibility of the protagonist of the franchise “Twilight” to have sex.

Also Znayu wrote, Netflix is preparing an interactive TV technology that will give viewers the opportunity to influence the plot.


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